Wonder Years offers full-time and part-time programs for children aged fifteen months to six years. The Center is open all year round ( with the exception of one holiday week), Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:30 pm. Enrollment will be based on a personal interview between the center director and the parent(s) and child.
We encourage parents to bring their child for the initial visit and the interview. This will familiarize them with the center, the staff and the other children. We want you and your child to feel comfortable with our center and staff before we make a decision.

If you decide to enroll your child, you will be asked to complete the following documents before your child can start:

1. Face sheet/Enrollment form must be completed with emergency information, including work and home numbers, and numbers for those people, other than parents or legal guardian, who are able to pick up your child. Wonder Years will not release children to anyone who is not listed Aon file, except in case of emergency, in which case verbal consent from the legal guardian along with Picture ID from the person picking up will be accepted. If any information changes, such as phone numbers or addresses, please notify the center in writing.

2. Before a child can be admitted to Wonder Years a completed Massachusetts School Health Record needs to be returned to the Director to be placed in the child's file. This form is to be completed by the child's pediatrician based on the child's last well check up. The date of said check up must be within one calendar year ( if the physical examination is outdated but immunizations are up to date, a physical must be completed within one month of admission).

3. Information regarding lead tests, administered and signed by child's physician.

4. Development history form must be completed .

5. Authorization for Release and consent form must be completed. On the consent form there is a section for parents to list those persons who are authorized to pick up their child. Unless arrangements need to be made in case of emergency with verbal parental permission, only people on this list will be authorized to take your child. The person who picks up the child will get child released to them only after they show a Picture ID.

6. Permission form must be completed for Trips, taking a photographs, applying sun block etc.

7.Contract between the center and parents must be signed and dated.

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