All staff at Wonder Years will be trained to follow steps listed below in the event of an emergency:
A Teacher will stay at the scene and help will be given until the person assigned to handle emergencies arrives.
Word will be sent to the person who handles emergencies at the center. This person will take charge of the emergency, assess the situation and give further first aid, as needed.
Aspirin of other medication will not be given unless authorized by the poison Center, for poisoning, of physician for other illnesses.
Parent(s) will be notified in case of an emergency and a course of action will agreed upon.
If a parent cannot be reached, the parent=s emergency contact person will be notified and the physician shown on the child=s Emergency Transportation Permission Form will be called.
A responsible individual will be filled out within 24 hours. It will be filed in the child=s folder, and a copy will be given to the parent(s), preferably that day. Injury information will be noted in the central injury log.

First Aid Supplies

The first aid kit is located on the high shelf over the changing table in the bathroom . The Toddler Teacher, under the supervision of the Director, is responsible for maintaining the proper supplies in the kit. A checklist of the supplies is updated each month. In the event of an emergency, at our away from the center, the person who handles emergency will take charges, assess the situation, and give any further first aid. All staff members are first aid certified.

Field Trip Emergencies

A First Aid Kit will be taken on all field trips, along with index cards with all emergency information, as well as medical consent authorizations signed by parents.

Plan for evacuation of center in an emergency

The alarm will sound - everyone in the building will be notified.
Evacuation Exit routes previously marked and practiced in drills will be used. Alternate routes will also be planned and practiced.
Each teacher is responsible for the children in her/his class:
Toddler Teacher 4 children
Pre-school/Toddler Teacher 5 Children
Pre -school Teacher 10 Children
The Pre- School Teacher is responsible for taking daily attendance, which is used in taking a head count when evacuating the building.
Drafts will be eliminated - each Teacher will try to eliminate drafts in hers/his room by closing all doors and windows.
The Fire Department will be called after leaving the building; the call will be made from the nearest alarm box or phone if the building is not connected to the Fire Department.
The Toddler / Pre-school Teacher is responsible for having unannounced evacuation drills at varying times every other month, and for documenting these drills.

Contingency plans for fire, natural disaster, loss of water, heat or power
The children will be taken to the emergency care facility and each parent or emergency contact person will be notified as soon as possible.

Emergency Care Facility:
The Boys and Girls Club
Allston Street
Allston, MA 02134
Phone: (617) 782-6041
Andrea Howard, Director

In the case of a natural disaster, when parents cannot be contacted, children will be taken to a safe and secured area in the center. Each parent or emergency contact person will be notified as soon as possible.

In the case of a power outrage, the Director will assess the condition of the environment. If the area is unsafe or unhealthy for the children, they will be taken to the emergency care facility (The Boys and Girls Club). Parents or emergency contacts person will be contacted as soon as possible. The center will reopen when the environment is safe enough for the children to return.
If the environment is safe for the children to remain in the center, flashlights will be available in each classroom. The center always has access to a mobile phone if the phone is down. Parents or emergency contact person will be notified if early closure is necessary.

In case of loss of heat, parents or emergency contact person will be notified of the situation. If minimum temperature and hot water regulations are not met, children will be sent home until required temperature and regulations are met.

In case of loss of water, 5 gallons of water will be stored in the office for emergencies, i.e. for toilet flushing, diapering and hand washing. Parents or emergency contact person will be informed by telephone. Children will need to be picked up as ? soon as possible. The center will reopen when the water supply is returned to the building.
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