Wonder Years accepts application for all children, this includes any child with disability. In determining whether to enroll and serve a child with a disability Wonder Years, with parental consent, requests any information related to the child's participation in the centers program. We would obtain this information from the Local Education Agency, Early Intervention Program or other Health or Service Providers. While considering the parent's needs, the center will identify in writing the specific accommodations, if any, required to meet the needs of the child.

Things we take in to consideration when making our decision:
Any changes or modification to our daily activities in order for th child to participate.
The size of the group and the teacher/child ratio.
Any specific equipment, materials, ramps or aids that would be needed to serve the child.

Upon receiving authorized and requested information the center has 30 days to reply to parents. If, in the centers judgment, the accommodation required to serve the child would cause undue burden to the center, the reason for the decision must be stated and parents need to be informed that they may contact ( Office of Child Care Services) ? and request that they determine it the center is in compliance.

The center will maintain a copy of the notification.

Children with a disability will not be considered an undue burden.

When making a determination, the center will consider the following factors.

1. The nature and cost of the accommodations needed to provide care foot? the child at the program;
2. Ability to secure funding or services of the licensee;
3. The overall financial resources of the licensee;
4. The number of persons employed by the licensee;
5. The effect on expenses and resources ,or the impact otherwise of such action upon the licensee.

With parental permission , the center will participate in the development/ review of the child's program plan LEA, Early Intervention Program and other health and services providers.
The center shall, with parental permission, inform the administration of Special Education, in writing, that a child with a disability is attending the center.
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